Stockton-San Joaquin Libraries: More than books

From Manteca Bulletin

” Most people see shelves of books when they see a library.Suzy Daveluy sees a community center.It’s an outlook that is helping shape the Stockton-San Joaquin County Library System.”


Stockton-San Joaquin: Driving home a love of reading

From Recordnet

” Children’s books by authors such as Dr. Seuss, Alice Chertle, Maurice Sendak and Alice Chertle will now be available for youngsters to borrow when they ride buses in the city.”

Stockton City Council wavers between caution, action

from the Stockton Record

“Vice Mayor Christina Fugazi says that when you come right down to it, the votes cast last week by council colleagues Michael Tubbs, Elbert Holman and Susan Lofthus can be interpreted only one way. Those three, Fugazi said, seemingly must be opposed to reopening the Fair Oaks Library in economically disadvantaged east Stockton.”

Manteca: Build satellite libraries

from the Manteca Bulletin

“Vince Hernandez believes the time has come for serious movement toward the city expanding Manteca’s library facilities. That, however, doesn’t mean the Manteca City Council member wants to see the proposal for a $33 million ‘main’ library expansion on Center Street dusted off — far from it. Instead he wants to see smaller branch libraries placed around Manteca to make them more accessible.”

Stockton: When to say ‘no’ to literacy

from the Stockton Record

“Post-bankrupt Stockton: the games begin. On this team, City Manager Kurt Wilson, the city’s fiscal team and (hopefully) a council that knows the city must exercise continued fiscal restraint. On the other team — this time — former library chief Colleen Foster, literacy buffs, populists, activists and residents of southeast Stockton who want the Fair Oaks Library branch reopened.”