South Pasadena: Library Improvements Coming Soon

From South Pasadena Review

” Changes taking place on the main floor of the South Pasadena Public Library will update its look, add space and improve library services, according to officials.Circulation and reference services will be centralized, and public computers with internet connections will double in number, according to Cathy Billings, Assistant Library Director.No changes will be made in the Children’s Room.The sizable circular desk at the entrance to the library used by staff for checking items in and out will be removed Feb. 19, Billings said.The substantial reference desk, which is located toward the back of the library, will be retired at the same time. Staff has used these desks to serve patrons since the library expanded in 1982 – nearly 40 years.Taking their place just inside the main entrance is an already installed almost 20-foot-long oak desk a few feet from the west wall. It will serve as the single-point service desk for both checkout and reference services.Storage cabinets and a book drop have been installed along the wall. Corian countertops give the new structures a sleek look.”

Family STEM Fair at the South Pasadena Public Library

From South Pasadenan

“Families were invited to join in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Fair on July 25th at 3:00 pm in the Library Community Room. Children had an opportunity to explore science concepts via hands-on projects and demonstrations led by STEMup4Youth, a group of science enthusiasts from Troy High School. Some of the activities included experimenting with slime, wacky and waxy watercolors, hoop gliders, spinning tops, noisemakers, straw rockets, and foil boats. Through these investigations, children learned about concepts such as mass, substance properties, sound waves, gravity, thrust, drag, and more. This program, funded by the Friends of the South Pasadena Public Library and the San Marino/South Pasadena Chapter of the National Charity League, was offered free to the public.”

South Pasadena: California State Library Project Selects Local Library for Training Workshop

From South Pasadenan

” Many great stories exist regarding the 710 Extension Freeway Fight and the Library wants to hear them, preserve them, and celebrate them. The South Pasadena Library is seeking stories that reflect the full spectrum of public or behind-the-scenes activities that opposed the 710 Freeway extension.The Library hopes to gather stories about the 710 Extension fight and the shining legacy of community activism and engagement that grew out of that struggle. The Library wants to hear from long time residents and their families, newcomers, artists, community activists, nonprofit organization members, and civic leaders. Only 15 community members can sign up to participate.Community members can sign up for the Library’s two-day workshop to digitally record their stories. Participants will learn the elements of great digital storytelling. They will also learn how to prepare a narration script, record their voiceovers, and digitize images.”