San Bernardino County: Local libraries ‘Read for the Record’


“Branches throughout the San Bernardino County Library system and the Victorville City Library will participate Thursday in “Read for the Record,” a campaign created in part to break the single-day record for the most people reading the same book.“Read for the Record” was started by Jumpstart, an early education organization that works “toward the day every child in America enters kindergarten prepared to succeed,” according to its website.The day-long event brings together millions of people each year in classrooms, libraries, community centers and homes across the United States. International participants from 64 countries also participate, according to Jumpstart spokesperson Carly Stearnbourne.San Bernardino County Library Services and Programs Lead Liz Smith said individual branches have participated in the past. She said the event was formally introduced across all 32 county branches five years ago.“The purpose of it is to have everybody come together and read the same book on the same day, and to make it a national priority that we read to children,” Smith said. “Sometimes they break (the record) and sometimes they don’t. But it’s fun to try, and it’s definitely important.”Jumpstart’s record for the “most children reading with an adult” was certified by Guiness World Records in 2006 at 78,791, according to Stearnbourne.”

Chino library celebrates African-American history

From Chino Championship News

“TMZ television personality TK Trinidad of Los Angeles celebrated African-American Heritage month in Chino by reading a story to children at the Chino Branch Library Tuesday morning.She joined librarian Ed Diggins in story telling and singing. Mr. Diggins told the children that Jackie Robinson was the first African-American to play in Major League Baseball. “They called him names because he looked different,” Mr. Diggins said.The children used construction paper and cut-outs to produce artwork of the baseball legend.”

San Bernardino: Highland Library hosts STEM Tech Lab

From Highland Community News

” On Tuesday evening, Sept. 19, the Highland Library hosted a STEM Tech Lab for the community. The acronym STEM stands for the content areas of science, technology, engineering, and math. The children who attended the lab were using the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) that are being implemented throughout California.The project for the class would involve these four content areas of an academic curriculum. “It’s a fun project”, said library youth services second lead Joanna Donofrio. “We want the kids to keep reading and exploring science.” “For this evening, the kids worked with a STEM Student Set called littleBitscc,” said Donofrio. “They made launchers. First, the kids created a circuit using input and output bits. They then connected an attachment to help make the arm work that was connected to a 9-volt battery. After they cut a portion off a cup, they taped it to the arm. The entire chassis was then attached to a small platform, so they could hold it. Afterwards, they put a wad of paper in the cup, pushed the button by the circuit, and the launcher swung and launched the paper.”Donofrio said that there were almost two dozen students in her class.”

Block Party At The Hesperia Branch Library

From Inland Empire

” The San Bernardino County Library invites you to join us at the Hesperia Branch Library as we let our constructive imaginations run wild at this Block Party event! Build an amazing experience as you get the chance to meet and greet characters from the Lego Movie and build a LEGO car to race! Don’t forget your camera. Enjoy a variety of fun-filled crafts, a balloon artist, and more. This event is another opportunity to celebrate and support the Countywide Vision’s literacy campaign, Vision2Read. The Block Party event will take place on Wednesday, Sept. 6 from 4 to 7 p.m. Be certain to bring your library card, as every 15 items checked out during the event earns you 10 minutes of playtime in our Jumbo Block Building Room and an opportunity drawing ticket for a chance to win awesome prizes. All activities are free and open to all ages.”

San Bernardino County: Seed libraries play a growing role in the future of crops

From The Sun

” Seed libraries are sprouting up all over Southern California.The intent is to promote gardening and to “plant-it-forward” by preserving seeds either native to Southern California or ones adapted to its environment.One of the newest is the San Bernardino County Regional Seed Library at the Chino Basin Water Conservation District in Montclair. Here, visitors learn how to obtain seeds for flowers, fruits, vegetables and more. A key component is returning seeds, so the process continues to expand and grow.”

San Bernardino County: Hesperia library exceeds expectations with reading program

From Daily Press

” One local library has been recognized for its successful reading program where children and adults are expanding their literary world.The Hesperia Branch Library was one three San Bernardino County libraries that increased the number of residents participating in summer reading programs by 28 percent. That number exceeded the 15 percent goal the county set in support of the Vision2Read campaign.”

San Bernardino libraries get $50k because of tragedies

From San Bernardino Sun

” Residents and others affected by this year’s tragedies will have another $50,000 in resources thanks to state grants extended because of those tragedies.
California State Librarian Greg Lucas offered $15,000 to the city library system and $25,000 to county libraries because of the Dec. 2 terrorist attack, and another $10,000 to the county system because of July’s Lake Fire.”