San Benito County: Friends of the Library teaches adults how to read

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“It’s not necessarily true that everyone who walks into the San Benito County Free Library actually knows how to read.Friends of the Library, a nonprofit organization whose volunteers often lobby for the library at government meetings and hold fundraising events, provides reading tutors for adults who are either illiterate or need to improve their reading comprehension skills for a specific goal.County Librarian Nora Conte said the Adult Literacy Program is a feature at many libraries throughout the state. Originally, she said, the program was offered at the San Juan Bautista Library. Soon after coming to the county library in 2006, she applied for state funding. While the amount varies, she said it ranges from $16,000 to $22,000 each year.“That pays for a staff person to run it and we purchase books and materials so individuals can practice their reading and writing skills,” Conte said.”

Library Systems & Services awarded library assessment project with San Benito County, California

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” San Benito County, California has taken a significant step in preparing its library to meet future community needs through a partnership with Library Systems & Services (LS&S). The announcement was made at the California League of Cities Annual Conference, #CaCitiesAnnual.This contract award supports the expansion of solutions recently announced by LS&S. They cover a suite of project-based offerings such as strategic planning, IT solutions and data analytics and space planning for libraries. Driven by the high expectations of local governments and library users, this initiative enables libraries to take a customer relationship management approach to operations. An emphasis on technology ensures that key data is collected and evaluated, and trends from it are identified.”

San Benito County: Library promotes adult literacy

From San Benito County News

” Many of us take our reading skills for granted. We think nothing of reading a menu at a restaurant or reading a bus schedule posted at the bus stop but what if you couldn’t read? How would you use the most basic services such as ordering at a restaurant or using mass transit? According to the National Assessment of Adult Literacy completed in 2003, 14 percent of adult Americans demonstrated a below basic literacy level in 2003. California has approximately 3.4 million adults with below basic literacy skills. In San Benito County 19 percent of adults have below basic literacy levels. The effect on our communities is profound.Public libraries are committed to literacy and have stepped into bridge the educational gap. For more than 30 years, the San Benito County Free Library’s Adult Literacy Program has been helping community members achieve their literacy goals. ”

San Benito County Free Library announces summer reading program

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“The San Benito County Free Library encourages children and young adults to remain active readers during the summer months, and this year the library will be holding its summer reading program between June 16 – July 21 in order to keep local young minds active amid the many distractions available when school is out. The library will offer reading logs to young children and teens, and those who track their reading and activities will become eligible to win prizes. The San Benito County Free Library will also hold special programs in the library aimed at families, children and young adults.”

San Benito County: Library shows off new broadband and self-help monitors

From San Benito County News

” In a time of e-books and phone apps it would be hard to find someone who gets more excited about going to the library than Nora Conte. Perhaps that’s because she spends more time among books than most other people in the county, being that she is the librarian at the San Benito County Free Library.If you think books get her excited, you should hear her when she talks about broadband and Wi-Fi, both of which have recently been upgraded significantly at the library.”

San Juan Library becomes a living world of discovery

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“For two weeks this summer, the Carl M. Luck Memorial Library in San Juan Bautista transformed itself from a depository of bounded material into a summer day-camp, where school-aged children brought to life the unlimited world of possibilities contained on its shelves.”

San Benito County: Funeral details set for Wahdan, former head librarian

from San Benito County Today

“Funeral details are set for Jo Wahdan, the former head librarian at the San Benito County Free Library … Wahdan, an influential figure in the evolution of the San Benito County Free Library who launched the adult literacy and bookmobile programs and led the institution into the digital age, died last week. She was 78.”