Plumas County: Chester Library celebrates 90 years

From Plumas News

” In 1929 the Chester Library opened its door to the local community, and 90 years later is continuing to provide services far beyond simply lending books.There will be functions throughout the year to celebrate this anniversary. These events are intended to educate people of this historical library and the Chester Museum, which shares space at 210 First Ave. in downtown Chester.For 90 years this library has had the fortune to survive when many others have had to close their doors. She is a symbol of strength, need and utilization. She is the epitome of the saying, “Great things come in small packages.” Being a rural library, she serves the entire Chester/Lake Almanor Basin’s full time population, and the multitude of visitors during the summer resort season.Take away the new entry gable and the museum addition and the Chester Library doesn’t look much different than it did circa 1929. Celebrating 90 years of service to the Chester/Lake Almanor area, the library is planning several special events intended to educate the community about its history and expanding service to the community. The building itself has the unique status of being the only log library in California.”

Plumas County welcomes new Librarian Lindsay Fuchs

From Plumas County News

” Stopping by the Plumas County Library in Quincy for a friendly chat and to meet the brand new librarian, a surprising development pops up.“Please excuse me just a moment,” County Librarian Lindsay Fuchs says politely, temporarily leaving the desk inside her bright office tucked into a back corner of the comfortable building that is a key resource for residents and community organizations.An efficient staffer is at the door with a perplexed expression. She has a worn paperback novel in one hand and a stack of cash in the other.“I was sorting through the book donations and found this,” the employee tells her new boss, holding out the handful of bills.Fuchs is immediately on the problem, explaining that this sort of thing sometimes happens in community libraries because “people tuck all sorts of things into books and forget they’re there.”The ladies step away to work out a resolution. They have a lead on where the donation came from and will take it from there.”

Plumas County: Supervisors make some budget decisions; Still face half-million-dollar deficit

from Plumas News

“‘We’re $590,000 short … Should we close the fair, the museum and the libraries? … Do we have to chip away at the very fabric of the community? … The only other option is furloughs again.'”