Do yourself a favor. Check out the Palm Springs Public Library

From Desert Sun

“As an adult and before I went to Library School to get my Master’s Degree (yes, there is such a thing as Library School), I rarely visited a library. I picked up books for a quarter at a garage sale or got them passed along from friends. Even when I started using the public library again as an adult, I placed holds for the items I wanted, walked inside, picked up my holds and left. My information needs were small but I still valued the public library. Just because I did not need the library did not mean that others had no need for it.I grew up regularly using a public library but as I got older I did not need to visit as much. As a child, my mom would drop me at the door to the library and leave me unattended while she did the weekly shopping. My hometown was so small that we were allowed to store our library cards in a drawer of the card catalog.”

Palm Springs library board unaware Pougnet worked for Meaney

from the Desert Sun

“About six months before the long-closed Welwood Murray Memorial Library in downtown Palm Springs was due to open after an extensive renovation, the library’s board of trustees was met with a startling request: rent part of the library’s back patio to a restaurant in exchange for patio renovations, maintenance and safety costs. The restaurateur would be Richard Meaney, according to members of the Palm Springs Public Library Board of Trustees … Until late April, Palm Springs Mayor Steve Pougnet was a paid consultant for Meaney. Pougnet says the business relationship goes back to March 2013 but library board members were unaware of it until recently.”

Palm Springs: Welwood Murray Memorial Library pays homage to the past, takes on 21st century look

from Palm Springs Life

“In less than a year, the long-vacant Welwood Murray Memorial Library reinvented itself into a 21st century state-of-the-art facility to serve the community and visitors of Palm Springs.The renovation consisted of completely gutting the interior of the library to upgrade the building’s infrastructure; all that remains of the original interior is the front door and all of the windows.”

Palm Springs: Mackenzie Phillips talks addiction, father

from the Palm Springs Desert Sun

“It’s been a long road to recovery for Mackenzie Phillips…On Sunday, Phillips will be a guest speaker at the Palm Springs Library to help dedicate a new addiction and recovery resource center. Funding was raised through a collaboration between Michael’s House, a Coachella Valley treatment center founded in 1989, and Heroes in Recovery, a nationwide program that recognizes those seeking help for addiction and mental health issues. Last month, the two organizations hosted a golf tournament with part of the proceeds benefiting the library.The new resources include books and DVDs covering various aspects of addiction.”

Downtown Palm Springs library could host eatery seating

from the Desert Sun

“The historic Welwood-Murray Memorial Library’s rear courtyard could get cleaned up, renovated and secured, all at little or no cost to the city. The catch is the space would also serve as the outdoor seating area for a new restaurant eying the commercial space next door to the library on Tahquitz Canyon Way.”

Palm Springs: Welwood Murray Library Has Storied Past, Future

from the Desert Sun

“Located downtown on the busy corner of Palm Canyon Drive and Tahquitz Canyon Way, the Welwood Murray Memorial Library is being renovated and transformed into a facility that will provide library services, a visitor’s center and a historical research library in the heart of the city.”