Oakland: Supporting school libraries a real no-brainer

From San Francisco Chronicle

” Andrea Kneeland, a teacher librarian in her first year at Frick Impact Academy, had heard students at the middle school in East Oakland weren’t interested in reading.The library, which had been closed for about a decade, reopened the year before Kneeland took the job of cataloging books and interacting with students. Most students at the school were reading years below grade level, she learned. And some students couldn’t even grasp all the letters of the alphabet.But within her first few months of restocking the shelves, Kneeland learned that Frick students were checking out more books than any other Oakland Unified School District middle school.The school was filled with readers, after all.”


In Rockridge, Oakland schools chief Wilson meets with parents, teachers

from Inside Bay Area

“Libraries, Wilson said, should be an important part of a school where children can do research and have access to technology. He said he wants every school to have a library and he wants it to be a ‘forward-thinking library.'”