San Jose: Giving Underserved Youths a Chance to Succeed Through Better Access to High-Quality Education

From Next City

“The disparities in access to education have led to dismal outcomes. Students who drop out of high school or college are disproportionately low-income, particularly students of color; black and Hispanic students are 12 and 9 percent less likely than their white peers to graduate from high school in four years. These inequalities have far-reaching consequences, not just for individual kids, but for society as a whole. They hamper social mobility, exacerbate income inequality, and stifle economic growth.More and more, alongside school districts, cities are creating their own programs to ensure that all kids, especially those in underserved communities, have access to a high-quality education and of the many benefits that education guarantees them in the future. In California, San Jose and Oakland are among the cities leading this charge, taking a highly targeted approach that focuses on the students who are consistently being left behind. By developing programs to lower the barriers that students face, these cities are helping reduce disparities in access to educational opportunities.”

Library Fines To Be Eliminated At Oakland Public Libraries

From Patch Piedmont

” The Oakland Public Library system will stop charging overdue fees beginning July 1, following a move by dozens of libraries locally and nationwide.The Oakland City Council voted to eliminate overdue fines for library materials earlier this month. Jamie Turback, the library’s director of services, said the change will increase access for all readers. The system includes the main library, 16 branch locations and special collections.”

Oakland: New Director Of Library Services Appointed

From SF Gate

“Jamie Turbak has been appointed as Oakland’s new director of library services, city officials announced Tuesday.City Administrator Sabrina Landreth confirmed Turbak’s appointment on Friday, making her the 13th director since Oakland incorporated public library services in 1878.She had been serving as interim director since March 2018 following the retirement of previous director Gerry Garzon and was selected following a national search, according to the city.”

Oakland: Libraries are Bridging the Summer Gap for Hungry Kids

From Civil Eats

” School districts across the U.S. are beginning to close their doors for summer vacation, giving students a respite from classes and exams. But for millions of young people from food-insecure households, there’s less to celebrate—because summer break puts an end to the free and reduced-price lunches they’re eligible for during the school year.Since 2011, in California, young people have found sustenance and assistance in an unlikely place: the public library. That’s the year the Oakland Public Library in Northern California started serving free lunches of sandwiches, fruit, and milk to local children at three of its branches. “We were seeing hungry kids coming in and staying the whole day,” says Derrick DeMay, Oakland’s supervising branch librarian.”

San Francisco and Oakland release Golden State Warriors library cards

From San Francisco Gate

” What’s blue and gold and opens doors to untold worlds? The new Golden State Warriors-themed library cards for the cities of San Francisco and Oakland.The library systems have announced that they are releasing the Warriors cards, designed by the team, to help foster reading among children and families over the summer. The San Francisco card shows a player in midair, ready to take a shot; the Oakland card has a Warrior dribbling against a backdrop of the Bay Bridge.”

Tax to fund Oakland public libraries heads to June ballot

From San Francisco Gate

” Facing a budget shortfall, the Oakland public library system is turning to voters to fund its core services through a new tax.The Oakland City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to place on the June ballot a $75-per-parcel tax that’s expected to raise $10 million annually for the next 20 years for city libraries. Supporters of the measure say it would allow branches to stay open on evenings and weekends, fund programs, upgrade technology and buy new furniture and equipment.The revenue would also go toward converting some temporary part-time library positions to full-time ones — a switch the city’s largest union has been pushing for amid its ongoing contract negotiations.The library system has operated at a deficit of $2 million annually for the past 14 years — projected to rise to $4 million this budget cycle, according to library director Gerry Garzon.”

Oakland tool library cater to DIYers

From The East Bay Times

” Tucked in the back of the Temescal Branch Library, down a short flight of stairs to the basement, is a do-it-yourselfer’s dream: tools everywhere, labeled and hung neatly on the walls and in bins and drawers, and any of them can be borrowed for free.Oakland’s Tool Lending Library has grown from an inventory of 325 tools when it opened in 2000 to more than 5,000 it now has available to loan out. Every nook and cranny of the small four-room library is stuffed with tools. Even more garden tools are housed in a storage shed.Last Saturday afternoon, a steady stream of patrons came through the door, picking up tools and asking for advice.”