Monterey: How Museums And Libraries Are Adapting In The Age Of Internet

From Kazu

“As the internet changes the way we find and view information, museums and libraries around the country are being forced to change how they serve their communities. The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History is an example of that change. The century old museum has begun a renovation designed to appeal to a new generation more comfortable with technology than taxidermy.During preview night at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History last August, more than 150 people walked through the newly renovated Adaptation of Birds Gallery. Walls of glass cases filled with more than 400 taxidermy birds, all spotted in Monterey County, line the room.”

Monterey library still relevant in digital world

From Monterey Herald

” As Monterey Public Library’s recently appointed director, Inga Waite is keenly aware why it’s important to keep California’s oldest library relevant while still providing a place for people to gather in the pursuit of knowledge.Hailing from a long line of teachers, Waite always preferred the kind of learning that comes from searching facts on her own.”″

Monterey transient convicted of library quad murder

From Monterey Herald

” A Monterey transient was convicted Wednesday of stabbing a fellow homeless man to death and attempting to kill another at a homeless camp behind the Monterey Public Library in June.”

At the heart of the Monterey Public Library, a homeless community

from the Monterey Herald

“Minutes before the Monterey Public Library opened its doors on Wednesday, a group of homeless people filled the rear quad area. The atmosphere was tranquil, though just five days previously their refuge was tainted by a deadly altercation. Just after midnight on June 19, three homeless men were involved in a tragic event that left a man dead, a 22-year-old injured and a suspect behind bars.”

Monterey Public: Access service available to help veterans

from the Californian

“Veterans having problems accessing their Veterans Affairs benefits, work or housing systems can now turn to Veterans on Point, a program within the Veterans Mediation Program of the Mandell Gisnet Center for Conflict Management at the Monterey College of Law. The first location for a VOP service center is the Monterey City Library where a staff member can help veterans.”

Monterey Public Library Bookmobile to expand service

from the Monterey Herald

“As of Friday, May 1 the Monterey Public Library will expand its bookmobile service from two to three days per week which allows the bookmobile to visit each existing stop weekly instead of every other week.”

Monterey Public: Best library (2015)

from the Monterey County Weekly

“Their history room is like walking into the Internet on a search of Monterey County happenings. The conference rooms turn into an arena of ideas when they play host to community groups who want to meet there. Their coming ‘Voices and Images: Monterey Remembers’ oral history project is ramping up to record community oral history.”