Dancers Leap Inside Glendale Public Library

From NBC Southern California

” What physical gestures and movements do you most associate with a library?The cinema would have us believe that the “shhhh” action, with a finger held to the lips, is the most common. But flipping through a book is a frequently seen movement, too, as is browsing a shelf and reaching for a novel on a high rack.But leaps, twists, kicks, and undulations will take the place of all of those traditional library-based gestures at the Glendale Public Library Central Library on the evening of Saturday, Aug. 26. “Back in Circulation” is the name of the work, and Heidi Duckler Dance Troupe, a group famed for its site-specific dance pieces, will once again bring innovative performance to an unusual space.Indeed, this is the troupe that has, in recent years, capered about a laundromat, the shuttered Linda Vista Community Hospital in Boyle Heights, and the fire escapes of the Emser Tile Building in West Hollywood. Jumping off and away from a traditional stage, into locations most of us would think of as very unstage-like, is one of the tenets of this acclaimed troupe’s memorable mission. ”


LA-area libraries are practicing ‘hard love’ to help the homeless in ‘safe places’

From Daily News

“She walks among the bounded works of Hemingway and the free verse of Whitman, the magic world of Harry Potter and the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology.But Mary Leasure isn’t at the Glendale’s Downtown Central Library to study literature or admire poetry. She’s there to read patrons for signs of homelessness and mental illness.After all, she noted, a library is the perfect place for people with mental health needs to break their silence and get help.“I bring a bottle of water and carry a book, otherwise I look like a stalker,” Leasure said one recent day after she roamed rows of mystery novels and career guides, DVDs and books on CDs.Sometimes, she’ll sit in a chair.“And then I’ll just watch,” she added.It doesn’t take long for Leasure’s trained eagle-eye-like perception to spot someone and swoop in: the regular with a stuffed backpack, a stranger with several plastic shopping bags, withdrawn teens who rest their heads on study tables, or older women who have been evicted from high-cost rental units and have nowhere else to go.”>

4 Glendale Libraries to Serve Free Lunches to Children Through Summer

From NBC Los Angeles

” Several Glendale libraries will serve free lunches to children on weekdays, starting Monday through Aug. 4.After testing the program called “Lunch is on Us” at one Glendale library, it is expanding to three other libraries this year as part of a partnership with the Glendale Unified School District. The program was started by the California Library Association. “School’s out. And the kids have lost their access to lunch that they normally got at no charge because their families qualified,” said Theresa Robinett, senior library supervisor. “So what a better to have these programs than at the libraries.”Children, from toddlers to teens, who eat lunch eight times during the program will get to choose and take home a free book.”

Glendale libraries urge youngsters to ‘Read for the Win’

From Glendale Press

“A new program unveiled this summer by Glendale public libraries encourages children to read books and track the titles they read online.In past years, children would log the books they’d read on paper at any library site.This year, under a new initiative by the California State Library, local librarians are pointing children to the website to track all the titles they read.Local librarians are still maintaining a paper log, said Sherry Sue, a children’s librarian at the Glendale Central Library.Under both “Read for the Win” programs, children can earn 100 points for every eight books they read, and every 800 points wins them a raffle ticket.They can enter as many as three tickets into a raffle. On Aug. 30, a winner will receive a gift card to the Montrose children’s bookstore, Once Upon A Time.”

Photo Gallery: Dog booth at Glendale’s Central Library

from the Glendale News-Press

“Eilan Rahkonen poses for a photo with his dog T-Rex at the Glendale Library, Arts & Culture Dept.’s free dog photo booth at the Central Library in Glendale on Saturday, March 14, 2015.”,0,1298667.photogallery

Glendale: Vintage furniture sale helps library’s renovation efforts

from the Glendale News-Press

“Hundreds trickled into the Glendale Central Library throughout Saturday not to just read, but to spruce up their homes with furniture and fixtures on sale. The library put mid-century and vintage-styled couches, chairs, tables and a handful of wooden library card catalog cabinets on the market for browsing shoppers. Sold items will go toward purchasing new furniture as the library prepares for renovations next June.”,0,362763.story