California Book Collection Donated To The Coronado Library

From Coronado Eagle and Journal

” California has a fascinating history which is now well represented at the Coronado Public Library in a special collection of limited-edition and rare books. The collection has been donated by CeeCee Bassett Barrios in memory of her parents Capt. Leonard F. Bassett and Mrs. Catherine Crellin G. Bassett, and Miss Anita M. Crellin…The book collection includes many limited-edition books published by the Grabhorn Press and other fine presses for the Book Club of California. Grabhorn and other specialty presses republished very rare early books of memoirs or narratives of pioneers, rancheros, sailors, 49ers, explorers and historical characters like John Sutter or John C. Fremont.”

Coronado Library Is Driving Force Behind Digitization Of Historic Coronado Newspapers

From Coronado News

” One of the larger and most historically relevant projects undertaken by the Coronado Public Library in recent years is the digitization of 122,500 pages of historic Coronado newspapers, which are now part of the California Digital Newspaper Collection and available on-line. The newspapers date back to 1887 and except for a 12-year gap when there were no newspapers published in Coronado, the collection is complete.”

Coronado Public Library Offers High Speed Internet

From Coronado Eagle and Journal

” The Coronado Public Library is now providing one gigabit per second Internet through its free public access computers and wireless service. This new service was made possible by the Coronado Library’s ability to participate in a new opportunity offered to public libraries in California to access high-bandwidth Internet through CENIC, the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California, a non-profit corporation.”

The man behind the Coronado Library: Christian Esquevin


“Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down with Christian Esquevin, the director of the Coronado Library. Christian has directed the library since 1988, so we have him to thank for the current building, artwork, online resources, and much more within the library. Many of us pass Christian as we go to and from study carrels, story time, and the stacks, but few of us know his face or his story. If you ever wanted to know how he got this job, or if the library will have faster internet soon (it will!), or what happens to books when they’re retired from the shelves, read on! Here is a little more about Christian, his 27 years as Coronado’s Director of Library Services, and his dreams for our library’s future.”

Special gift made to Coronado’s Teen Library section

from the Coronado Eagle and Journal

“‘If you could do anything you wanted with your money when you are no longer with us, what would it be?’ This question was answered by Joy Henry, a long-time resident of Coronado when she said, ‘I want to give it to the Teen Library section of the Coronado Public Library.’ She said this to Sharon Sherman, her attorney, who agreed to assist her in her wishes. A sum of $200,000 was subsequently gifted to the Friends of the Library, who are administering the perpetual fund set up in her honor, to be used solely for the Teen Library. These funds were invested so that the gift will continue to provide support for many years in the future.”