Yolo County: Library strong community

From Winters Express

“It is easy to think of the Library as merely a place to check out books, but it is so much more than that. The admission price is nothing, the assistance is freely given, and its affairs are carried out on the Honor System. Its sole purpose is to distribute information, but asks nothing in return. No other establishments come to mind that operate as such. The Library is a treasure trove of knowledge, a wealth of adventure, a lifetime of whimsy, and a somber house of reflection… for those that know of its power. Winters’ citizens recognize this power, and have fought for such an institution to be a part of their town since the beginning. In 1892 The Winters Free Library was established in the home of J.A. Henderson, and it would reside there until some thirteen years later where it found a more functional home along Main Street. By this time, the Library’s size had grown to hold over four-hundred books, and in 1910, The Winters Branch of The Yolo County Library was established and firmly rooted in town. Five years after this, the volume of volumes had exponentially grown, and again new housing was in order. It was 1915 and a new Bond had been passed. With it came the money for a new Town Hall, and it was here that the Library would be now moving to (the current City Hall building.) Here it sat, spreading its wealth right in the middle of town, for the next fifty years.”

Library strong community