Santa Cruz brings virtual view to climate

From Santa Cruz Sentinel

“The tide is changing when it comes to the conversation about climate change, and Tim Robbins had a virtual bird’s eye view of the issue Monday.Robbins, who lives outdoors, already has had more of a run-in than he cared for with the fickle whims of Mother Nature. In September 2013, he was forced to move from Colorado after monsoon-level heavy rains flooded him out of the mountains and his former home. Robbins said he pays close attention to the climate change discussion, and how most people think only in terms of regional warming instead of global warming.Which was why it took little prompting for Robbins to sit himself down at a table newly set up near the entrance to the Santa Cruz Public Libraries Downtown branch and strap on a high-tech Oculus Quest wireless headset and goggles at the newly-launched Virtual Reality Sea Level Rise Explorer exhibit.Robbins said afterward that he had never used a virtual reality device before Monday and that the experience was fun.”

Santa Cruz brings virtual view to climate change conversation