Yolo County: Library strong community

From Winters Express

“It is easy to think of the Library as merely a place to check out books, but it is so much more than that. The admission price is nothing, the assistance is freely given, and its affairs are carried out on the Honor System. Its sole purpose is to distribute information, but asks nothing in return. No other establishments come to mind that operate as such. The Library is a treasure trove of knowledge, a wealth of adventure, a lifetime of whimsy, and a somber house of reflection… for those that know of its power. Winters’ citizens recognize this power, and have fought for such an institution to be a part of their town since the beginning. In 1892 The Winters Free Library was established in the home of J.A. Henderson, and it would reside there until some thirteen years later where it found a more functional home along Main Street. By this time, the Library’s size had grown to hold over four-hundred books, and in 1910, The Winters Branch of The Yolo County Library was established and firmly rooted in town. Five years after this, the volume of volumes had exponentially grown, and again new housing was in order. It was 1915 and a new Bond had been passed. With it came the money for a new Town Hall, and it was here that the Library would be now moving to (the current City Hall building.) Here it sat, spreading its wealth right in the middle of town, for the next fifty years.”

Library strong community

Update: Library branch expansion in Turlock gets OK, with some quibbling

From Modesto Bee

” The long-sought expansion of the Turlock branch library won approval Tuesday night, amid concerns about the cost and competing needs.The Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously for an $8.99 million contract with Roebbelen Contracting Inc. for detailed design and construction. The expanded and remodeled building could open in February 2021.The Minaret Avenue branch, just east of downtown Turlock, is one of the busiest in the county library system. It was completed in 1968 to serve a future city population of 30,000. Turlock now has about 73,000 people. ”


Santa Cruz brings virtual view to climate

From Santa Cruz Sentinel

“The tide is changing when it comes to the conversation about climate change, and Tim Robbins had a virtual bird’s eye view of the issue Monday.Robbins, who lives outdoors, already has had more of a run-in than he cared for with the fickle whims of Mother Nature. In September 2013, he was forced to move from Colorado after monsoon-level heavy rains flooded him out of the mountains and his former home. Robbins said he pays close attention to the climate change discussion, and how most people think only in terms of regional warming instead of global warming.Which was why it took little prompting for Robbins to sit himself down at a table newly set up near the entrance to the Santa Cruz Public Libraries Downtown branch and strap on a high-tech Oculus Quest wireless headset and goggles at the newly-launched Virtual Reality Sea Level Rise Explorer exhibit.Robbins said afterward that he had never used a virtual reality device before Monday and that the experience was fun.”

Santa Cruz brings virtual view to climate change conversation

Sonoma Valley library launches new early reading program

From Sonoma Index Tribune

“Read to a kid and you’ll prepare them for a lifetime of reading, say county library officials. In an effort to promote strong literacy skills, the Sonoma County Library is encouraging parents and caregivers to read 1,000 books to their newborns, infants, toddlers and preschoolers before they start kindergarten. The 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program is a nationwide initiative and officially launched in all Sonoma County Library branches on Oct. 28.Participants can track their reading and participation in the program online at sonomalibrary.beanstack.org and through the Beanstack app. Paper logs are also available at each branch. Children will receive recognition for each 100 books they read and various prizes throughout their reading journey.”


Santa Cruz: Life Literacies Center Open House

From Santa Cruz Patch

“The Santa Cruz Public Libraries are excited to announce the opening of The Life Literacies Center at the Downtown Branch Library, 224 Church St, Santa Cruz, CA.This new center will provide programs and services that support job readiness, service connections for people experiencing homelessness, housing navigation, access to County benefits, and support from Encompass Social Services. Some services will be provided in Spanish.”


Library patrons may face months-log waiting periods for e-books following policy change for new titles

From Fox 5

“One of America’s five largest publishing houses, Macmillan Publishers Ltd., announced it will be significantly restricting the sales of its e-books to libraries during the first eight weeks after publication, spurring outrage from public libraries across the country.The restrictions on e-books are relegated to new releases — for the first eight weeks after a book is published, a library can only purchase one e-book copy.Macmillan’s CEO, John Sargent, made the announcement in a letter addressed to Macmillan authors, Macmillan illustrators and agents, in which he said that “library lending was cannibalizing sales.” Previously, large library systems — such as those in major metropolitan areas like New York — could have ordered hundreds of e-book copies as soon as a book was published. Now, regardless of size, each library system can only purchase a single e-book copy of new titles.”



From Redheaded Blackbelt

“Checking out books at Humboldt State University’s Library is now easier for College of the Redwoods students under a new partnership between both institutions. Starting last month, all CR students and employees can check out books and access other resources at HSU’s Library for free without an annual membership.”

CR Students Now Have Easier Access to HSU Library Resources