Public libraries support and empower local communities

From The California Aggie

“When it comes to libraries, I like to consider myself one of their biggest fans, second only to Rory Gilmore. My fascination began in the second grade when I was issued my first library card and realized it was a ticket to carry a backpack full of “Junie B. Jones” and “Katie Kazoo” books home. But my perception and love for public libraries took on a whole new meaning when I began to volunteer there at 14 years old. I spent all four years of high school volunteering at my local public library. What began as an exciting opportunity to work in a building filled with books became a four-year journey into the monumental and integral role of public libraries in our discourse and democracy.As many people might already know, public libraries provide important services to the community that go beyond borrowing books. They hold tutoring programs, tax prep services and provide computers and other important technological sources for productivity and information. That’s why I was so troubled to learn that the U.S. isn’t doing too well with public libraries. In 2016, the Syracuse University School of Information Studies ranked countries based on the number of libraries per 100,000 residents. The U.S. ranked 62 with only 30.35 libraries per 100,000 residents.”

Public libraries support and empower local communities