100 years after opening, Green Library is still guided by the vision of Jane Stanford

From The Stanford Daily

” The sold-out crowd in front of Green Library bustled with activity on July 15 as Stanford community members of different generations struck up conversation with each other, reminiscing about the times they had spent in the library and discussing how it has changed. The community was gathered to memorialize a pivotal moment in Stanford’s history— the 100th anniversary of Green Library’s opening on July 14, 1919. Green’s physical and technological evolution over the years has positioned the library as not just a communal space for interdisciplinary scholars, but also as a trailblazer — revolutionizing the way resources are accessed and shared across the world. Though Green now stands as the unquestioned centerpiece of the Stanford Libraries system, it didn’t start that way. Other Stanford libraries have come and gone with time, but their history — along with Jane Stanford’s vision for a “grand library”— is integral to what Green has become.”