Your Local Library May Have A New Offering In Stock: A Resident Social Worker

From NPR

” Trish doesn’t have many places to turn. She’s living at her elderly father’s home without a job because she can’t afford the care he needs. And every day she says the balance sheet seems stained with more red ink.”It’s all outgoing. There’s nothing coming in, that’s for sure. And I’m stuck in a rock and a hard place because of my credit, so I don’t — I need to make enough money that I can afford to live somewhere,” she says, voice quavering.Across from her at the table, David Perez nods quietly and takes notes.”I am just really drained. I am,” she hesitates half a beat, before finishing plaintively: “I am absolutely miserable. I want a job.”As difficult as her situation is, Trish — who asked that we just use her first name — is far from alone. Lots of social workers see cases such as hers come through their offices.What is unusual is where you’ll find this office: the Long Branch Free Public Library in eastern New Jersey. Perez says he’s the only social worker in the state employed permanently by a public library.”

North Hollywood library ‘learning circle’ will give patrons chance to learn Spanish in a group, starting Thursday

From Los Angeles Daily News

” A group will begin meeting Thursday mornings at the North Hollywood Amelia Earhart Regional Library to develop their Spanish skills through the language-learning software Mango.The study group, which will be learning Spanish that is typically spoken in Latin American countries, will meet at 10 a.m. each Thursday, from July 18 until Aug. 29.Library card holders have free access to the language program, and free Wi-Fi connection is available. Participants are being asked to bring a laptop computer to run the Mango program, or they can use the laptop computers available at the library.Librarian Ethel Dimapasok, who is facilitating the meetings, will also be taking part in the course. She is not a Spanish-speaker, and is eager to acquire some basic Spanish skills.”

North Hollywood library ‘learning circle’ will give patrons chance to learn Spanish in a group, starting Thursday

Santa Cruz: Virtual Reality and Public Library Tech

From State Tech

“The city of Santa Cruz, Calif., hugs the Pacific Ocean and sits around 60 miles south of San Francisco. It is on the front lines of climate change and will be one of the places in California where expected rising sea levels will have their most immediate impact.The city has partnered with Santa Cruz Public Libraries to give residents and other visitors a virtual reality view of the city’s current coastline and what it would look like with a projected 2.4 feet of sea level rise in combination with a 100-year storm, as the Middlebury Institute of International Studies reports.Bjorn Jones, digital learning librarian with Santa Cruz Public Libraries, says the library system partners with the city’s Resilient Coast Santa Cruz initiative, and the VR demo is a stop on one of the initiative’s experiences.”

UC’s showdown with the biggest academic publisher aims to change scholarly publishing for good

From YubeNet

“This month, academic publisher Elsevier shuttered the University of California’s online access to current journal articles. It’s the latest move in the high stakes standoff between Elsevier, the world’s largest publisher of scholarly research, and the University of California, whose scholars produce about 10% of the nation’s research publications.Last February, Elsevier chose to continue providing access to journals via its ScienceDirect online platform after UC’s subscription expired and negotiations broke down. With its instant access now cut off, the UC research community will learn firsthand what it’s like to rely on the open web and other means of accessing critical research.”

UC’s showdown with the biggest academic publisher aims to change scholarly publishing for good

Newport Beach: Popular Library Online Resource May End Due to Privacy Concerns

From Newport Beach Independent

” A popular online library resource may soon come to an end, due to privacy concerns and state law compliance issues, officials reported at a meeting this week.LyndaLibrary from, an online subscription database that offers business, software, and technology training resources, was bought out by LinkedIn and will soon require patrons to create a LinkedIn account in order to use the LyndaLibrary learning resources.This new requirement creates a few concerns, Library Services Director Tim Hetherton explained during his report to the Board of Library Trustees on Monday.The biggest issue is that they ask patrons for visitor information that would be made public, like name, email address, visitor location, and other basic details. That information is then searchable on Google, Hetherton explained.”

Popular Library Online Resource May End Due to Privacy Concerns

Capitola Looks to the Future With 21st Century Library

From Goodtimes

” When the beloved Capitola Book Café closed its doors five years ago, Gayle Ortiz—the namesake master baker and entrepreneur behind Gayle’s Bakery, and a former mayor—was, like many of her neighbors, distraught. Looking for something from the bookstore to save, she zeroed in on the paintings on the wall. She proposed a deal with the Book Café’s owners about the art.“I told them, ‘If I could guarantee you that it would go into the new Capitola Library, whenever it’s built, would you give it to the city of Capitola?’” remembers Ortiz. “And they said, ‘If we can be guaranteed that, sure.’” Sometime in the summer of 2020, Ortiz is poised to deliver on her promise. The paintings from the Book Café are now part of the renderings of the new Capitola Library, which means that from the first day of its opening next summer, the new library will already contain meaningful cultural DNA linking it to its community.

Capitola Looks to the Future With 21st Century Library

Mom, daughter both 2019 graduates thanks to Redwood City Library program

From Climate

” Emmanuella Garcia has supported her daughter through high school, ensuring she was on the right path to graduate. But she wanted to take her position as a role model to her children even further.Lacking a high school diploma, Garcia enrolled into Career Online High School at the Redwood City Library. Now, she and her daughter can both call themselves 2019 graduates.Garcia is one of three of the newest graduates of the program that offers adults the chance to earn an accredited high school diploma and career certificate online. The three graduates were honored at the Redwood City Council meeting on Monday.”