Sacramento: Suspect in California librarian’s murder had frightened library workers in St. Louis area, police say

From St. Louis Post Dispatch

“A man accused of executing a librarian in Sacramento, Calif., was repeatedly thrown out of libraries throughout the St. Louis area earlier this year for a pattern of erratic and frightening behavior.Ronald Seay, 56, was tossed out of a library in Ferguson in August, and one in Brentwood in September. He threatened library workers and officers. In one case, he wouldn’t leave, so officers arrested him for trespassing.Ronald Seay was charged in the Dec. 11, 2018, murder of a librarian in Sacramento, Calif., who police say was targeted by Seay. He had lived in the St. Louis area and had been banned from libraries here after encounters with employees, authorities say. A police major in Brentwood searching Seay’s criminal history after their run-in with Seay found at least a half-dozen other libraries in the metro area that had issues with Seay, Brentwood Police Chief Joe Spiess said. “Exhibiting the same crazy stuff, different cities,” Spiess said. Seay’s actions in the St. Louis area caused concern, but no charges beyond trespassing. But on Dec. 11 at the North Natomas Public Library in Sacramento, Seay waited for a librarian to go to her car after work, then shot her dead, police said.”