CSUEB students seek 24-hour library

From The Pioneer

” California State University, East Bay’s students attempt to do homework at random hours of the day, depending on when they can find time in their busy schedule. Students struggle to find a place to study, especially at night, without access to a 24-hour library.The University Library opens at 8 a.m. and closes at 10 p.m. which restricts late night study hours. However, the Learning Commons that is connected to the library closes at 2 a.m. Sunday through Thursday.“It helps me focus on my studies and what needs to get done”, said William Gallegos, a CSUEB junior. “If it was open 24-hours like some other libraries then I would be able to do work whenever I find the time.”Most students have classes and work throughout the day and prefer to take a break from their studies at the end of their busy days. Doing assignments at home can be difficult for students due to distractions.“I go to the Learning Commons quite often because my roommates play video games late, although I’d prefer to do my work in the library,” said CSUEB student Johnathon Washington. “You can get comfortable in the cushioned chairs and overall I tend to get more work done in the library.” The only 24-hour libraries available to students are at San Jose State University, which it is 28 miles from CSUEB and San Francisco State University which is 34 miles away. The distance to these universities makes it difficult for students to access their libraries, especially those who lack the means of transportation.”