North Riverside Library gets interior makeover

From Riverside Brookfield landmark

“The North Riverside Public Library will be closed all week, and when it reopens on Sept. 17, well, you might not recognize the place.Between Sept. 10 and 15, the main floor of the library will undergo something of a transformation. New carpeting is being installed and large sections of the main floor are being reconfigured during the roughly $45,000 interior makeover.The library will reopen for normal business on Monday, Sept. 17.”We started working on this several weeks ago, but the vast majority of the work will be done next week,” said Library Director Natalie Starosta.Among the more major changes is that the six computer stations now relegated to a separate room will be moved into the main library space, closer to the circulation desk. According to Starosta, that will provide patrons with quicker assistance if they need help, since people using the computers will be in view of those at the front desk.”