The Huntington Library and the Value of International Research Communities

From The Good Men Project

” In an increasingly insular world, is it more important than ever to create international research communities? Doctoral Candidate Emily Vine reflects on her experiences as an AHRC International Placement Scheme Fellow at The Huntington Library in southern California.Travel abroad is an inherent part of many historical research projects. Some actively choose subject matters which necessitate prolonged periods of time as far away as possible from Mile End: they find global connections within their subjects, spend semesters in archives overseas, enrol in immersive language courses over the summer months.My research is about rituals of birth and death in early modern London. I had resigned myself to the fact that a lot of my material was, in fact, in London. I had not expected to have the opportunity to travel much further west than Kew.This was short-sighted of me. I’ve since realised, happily, that historical research offers the opportunity to be part of an international network of scholars and research institutions which are open even to us souls who study only British history.”