Leaving paper books behind, Napa’s high school libraries embrace online resources

From Napa Valley Register

” The school library. For decades, it was the go-to source for students looking for books to research a topic or write a paper.Not anymore. Today, the library comes to the students – on their smartphones, iPads, laptops or other tech devices.At Napa Valley Unified School District high schools, libraries have transitioned from a room with four walls to a virtual collection of digital resources including e-books, databases and much more.“We’re bringing libraries to the 21st century,” said Kate MacMillan, coordinator of library services at NVUSD.
Schools and teachers are now educating kids using technology such as smart boards, e-books and shared electronic documents such as Google Docs. That means libraries must follow suit.
“We have to be technologically nimble,” said MacMillan.“Everything has changed,” said Jennifer Baker, NVUSD communications media specialist. “Students don’t need to be physically in the library” to use it, she said. “Our goal now is to get the instruction to bring the library directly to the classroom.”“The need for library services or info is not going to go away,” said MacMillan. “We’re just providing it in a different manner.” Library circulation at NVUSD high schools confirms the trend. The number of printed books checked out has dropped significantly over the past years.”