Solano County: Fairytales at their source can be a bit Grimm

From Daily Republic

” Night is coming sooner, the leaves are crisping and turning brown, and the air is cooling. It must be time for fall.Traditionally, it’s always been something of a time of reflection. There would be a celebration of a successful harvest, but also a time to brace oneself for the hardship of winter. It’s a time of change, but also a part of an endless cycle. It’s a little paradoxical that way.In that spirit, I felt it was the perfect time to read something that’s both new and old, or at the very least, new to me. I picked up a copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales; I was familiar with a large number of the stories, but had never actually gone to the source.Somewhere along the line I had gotten the idea that the original stories were much more grim, some-pun intended, and that just made it seem like an even more perfect fit for this Halloween season. But to be honest, I had no idea what to expect. In fact, many of the stories I knew only from the various homages or retellings we see scattered around pop culture. In that way, getting to see them in their original forms was a little jarring, like seeing a stranger’s face that looks so much like an old acquaintance.”