Local Star-Lord Hosts Free 3D Printing Classes At Long Beach Library

From Gazettes

“Star-Lord is volunteering at the Long Beach Main Public Library and teaching free 3D modeling and printing classes that are currently open to the public.It may not be the real Star-Lord — or even the real Chris Pratt — but the library volunteer is a real star in the Long Beach cosplay community.Robert Gunderson, a local cosplayer and fan of Guardians of the Galaxy, has gained online notoriety for his portrayal as Guardians of the Galaxy’s Peter Quill (Star-Lord).He can be spotted at Comic-Cons in the Los Angeles and Long Beach area showcasing his custom costume portraying a believable Star-Lord alongside his girlfriend, cosplayer Lily Liqueur, as Gamora.”About five months ago, I started doing classes here once a month,” Gunderson said. “The first class was about how to create very simple molds off of 3D prints.”Now he has added appearances at the Main Library’s Studio and MakerSpace.Gunderson said that he had learned how to create his own 3D prints a couple of months prior, so the entire concept of the class was new to him at the time.Originally, the class idea was intended to help cosplayers create 3D printed models to enhance their costumes, but quickly branched into a “how-to” class for anyone interested, regardless of their interest level in cosplay, Gunderson said.”