Calaveras County : Murphys woman turns the page after 25 years as library volunteer

From Calaveras Enterprise

” Life often comes full circle. Murphys resident Faye Morrison is proof.As a child, Morrison’s first “job” was in a library. After a teaching career that lasted 25 years, Morrison returned to her roots as a library volunteer.“My very first part-time job was when I was 9 years old and it was in the library. Not a paid job, but I volunteered there. It was a natural; I love to be around books. For me, a book is it. It’s been a part of me for a long time,” said the soft-spoken Morrison as she chatted in her living room. “Books matter. You can go into a new world and get lost in it, withdraw from this one for a while, read to learn or just for pleasure – all of the above are important.”As a volunteer at the Arnold Branch Library, the 85-year-old bibliophile has shared her enthusiasm for knowledge and the printed word with co-workers and patrons too numerous to count over the past 25 years.”