San Mateo : In the digital age, will libraries be obsolete?

From San Mateo Daily Journal

” In the digital age, will libraries be obsolete? Absolutely not, according to local tech and library experts who discussed this issue last week at the San Mateo Public Library. The panel included Dan Clancy, vice president of engineering, Nextdoor and former director of Google Book project (see recent Atlantic Monthly); Cameron Johnson, director of product innovation, Netflix and San Carlos councilman; David Weekly, manager of Rapid Rollout Lab for Google access; Karen Kuklin, Gensler architect; and Karen Schneider, dean of the Sonoma State University Library. Moderator was Greg Lucas, state librarian of California and former Sacramento Bureau Chief, San Francisco Chronicle.In fact, the panel agreed that libraries are more important than ever in the digital age. They offer space for people to come together, a need more relevant today than ever before. It’s the place where various segments of the community gather. Libraries provide essential access to information in a public space open to all, especially those who cannot afford an internet connection at home. It’s the ideal place to experience technology and to provide educational opportunities outside the classroom.”