Oceanside: Letters from war shown at library

From The San Diego Union-Tribune

” An exhibit showing the letters that soldiers have written home from the battlefield opened at the Oceanside Public Library.The exhibit, “War Comes Home: The Legacy,” displays letters dating back more than 150 years to the Civil War and covers many of the major wars the U.S. has been involved in since then.The letters are being shown as part of the War Comes Home initiative, to give an up-close glimpse into the lives of troops deployed during wartime and their thoughts about war and the return to civilian life. The idea is to foster a greater understanding of the issues facing veterans returning home from war.“The exhibit explores shared themes of wartime separation, transition to life back at home and costs of war,” said Kristine Moralez, who is coordinating the exhibit at the library.The exhibition is based on collections at the Center for American War Letters at Chapman University, which houses more than 70,000 letters from soldiers and their families spanning 230 years, and is presented by Exhibit Envoy in partnership with Cal Humanities and the California State Library. ”