Northern California’s coolest libraries still draw a crowd

From The Sacramento Bee

“With our Netflixes and Kindles, we don’t think twice anymore about zapping a movie, book or song into our homes with the tap of a fingertip. Media have become as ephemeral as the pollen from a poplar tree, and we can watch a scene from our favorite TV show almost as quickly as we can think of it.So in this digital landscape, what on earth are all those people young and old still doing in libraries on any given afternoon?Our love of physical place is a big part of the draw, even as online worlds demand more of our attention. As long as we live in flesh-and-blood bodies, we will still want to go somewhere to sit and think and watch other people live out their minutes. Likewise, we still prefer reading books printed in real ink on real paper pages; for the past few years, the market share of e-readers in the publishing world has leveled off to about 20 percent.”