San Luis Obispo: Library debuts own ‘Genius Bar’

From The Poly Post

” The University Library debuted its version of a “Genius Bar” on Feb. 14 as part of the library’s new service designed to assist students in reaching academic success, as well as traversing the entirety of the university’s various services and entities available to them.The library’s reference bookshelves have been replaced by staff for what is now the new Knowledge Center Service.Nicole Barcarse is a first-year aerospace engineering student and staffed as a Knowledge consultant who described the new service as an overall aid for students.
“They just took everything and mashed it together,” stated Barcarse.The new Knowledge Center Service combines all the services the library has to offer as well as other services on campus into one convenient location for students. This means students no longer have to be confused about which desk in the library to go to.”