Stanislaus County library provides incredible services, due entirely to an eighth-cent sales tax

From The Modesto Bee

” This month is Library Lovers Month.Now, aren’t you happy you have discovered this little-known fact?Actually, every month should be Library Lovers Month. Our Stanislaus County Free Library is a true treasure, in every sense of the word. And yes, it is totally free.Approximately 415,000 county residents have library cards. The collection of books and periodicals totals nearly 700,000. The “extra” programs available are amazing and extensive.The average patron likely is not aware of many of these perks. Here are just a few.Reserving books online is a snap. Just a couple of clicks and the desired book comes right to your local branch. It is like having your own bookstore … just order and wait.The Cloud Library App gives access to an extensive collection of ebooks available for reading on a variety of hand-held devices. As in regular book circulation, they may be checked out for 21 days, but there is no danger of being overdue and paying a fine. At the end of Day 21, the book magically disappears and goes back to the library archives.I like this app because I travel extensively, and carrying a couple of books in my backpack was always a nuisance. Plus, you can download anywhere you have Wi-Fi access, so you can check out another book whether you’re in Modesto or Mongolia.”