Arcata Woman Opens Little Free Library on Two Wheels; Touring Trading Post Hopes to Build Community With Books

From Lost Coast Outpost

” There’s something about Humboldt that encourages human-powered low-tech arts and culture: the Kinetic Grand Championship, the Poem Store and now, the Bicycle Library. Not to be confused with the library that lends bikes, this newest endeavor uses cycle power to bring books to the people.Like many across the nation, Bicycle Librarian Elanna Erhardt was troubled by the divisiveness of the recent presidential election. The day the election results were announced, she went to the Arcata Co-op for some lunch – and walked out into the aftermath of the noon-hour stabbing that occurred out front. This left her troubled, saddened … and determined to do something. So Erhardt has taken her freshly-minted Master’s degree in Library Science from San Jose State on the road.”