Yolo County Library materials to be more widely available

From The California Aggie

“Good news is in the air for Yolo County residents who have limited access to the Yolo County Library. Through the new Books by Mail program, books, DVDs, magazines and other library materials can be delivered right to residents’ front doors, free of charge.Involvement in the program requires a short application process available online or over the phone. Once the process is completed, residents select the materials they wish to receive in the mail. They can even opt for the library staff to choose a custom selection of materials based on personal interests. The library ships their chosen materials in reusable canvas bags with prepaid postage.Books by Mail came about when staff at the Yolo County Library noticed how difficult it was for some residents to commute to their local libraries due to problems such as lack of transportation or limitations of illness. The library’s staff drew inspiration from the San Francisco Public Library’s Books by Mail service and worked to bring the program to Yolo County.”