Solano County Library offers scholarships for online high school diploma, career program

From The Reporter

” For those who did not earn a high school diploma, the Solano County Library, in association with the California State Library, offers a career online high school program, a chance to earn a diploma and career certificates.If interested in knowing more about this pilot program, the first step is to visit there, you will be asked to take a “self-assessment,” which can be completed in several minutes. It will ask you to select your library and for some personal information (name, address, telephone number).The self-assessment also includes a short essay question, which will help an “enrollment team” understand why you want to pursue a high school diploma and help make the case why your application should be accepted by the library. The essay, at no more than 150 words, should be well-written and free of grammar and spelling errors.If selected, you will have a chance to do several things: 1) Take a two-week prerequisite course, and, upon completion, be enrolled in the program; 2) Take classes online, with the flexibility to access coursework at any time; 3) Be supported by qualified teachers and an academic coach; 4) Earn an accredited high school diploma while preparing for a career in one of eight, high-demand, high-growth fields.”