SF Public Library revives plan to install microchips in books

From The San Francisco Examiner

” More than a decade ago, the San Francisco Public Library unsuccessfully attempted to deploy radio frequency identification tags in books.Now, head librarian Luis Herrera is trying once again.Herrera disclosed the renewed effort for RFID during last week’s Library Commission hearing and promised to return with more details in the coming weeks.
[advertisement]That means funding for RFID — tiny microchips that exchange data with readers by emitting radio signals — could be included in the library’s budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year.The initial cost estimate puts the installation of the new technology at some $7.5 million, spread out over several years. The cost may be a difficult sell at a time when The City is now facing budget deficits, and Mayor Ed Lee has asked city departments to propose 3 percent cuts for the fiscal year beginning July 1.While the RFID technology proposal was supported by the library back in 2004, the Board of Supervisors rejected it during the annual budget process. At the time, both the American Civil Liberties Union Northern California and the Electronic Frontier Foundation opposed the proposal.”