Carlsbad: Library gets a read on new electronics

From San Diego Union Tribune

” Carlsbad’s main city library is plugging into the future with a new innovation laboratory that gives patrons access to a whole range of high-tech materials and devices, including a 3-D printer.The Exploration HUB technology center opened at the Dove Lane library last month. Along with the printer, there’s a digital image scanner, a high-tech paper, vinyl and fabric cutter, and kits to explore coding for computer-controlled devices.“It’s different in here,” said Technology Librarian Andrea Hilliard, because there’s no need to whisper. “We speak in regular voices.”The library is offering ongoing classes on how to use the devices and patrons are encouraged to ask questions, try out the new gadgets and generally enjoy themselves with technology, officials said. The center is one of many ways the library is expanding its services in the digital age.”