San Francisco: Film festival seeks to raise awareness of veterans’ issues

From San Francisco Chronicle

” A woman with a pink flower tucked behind her ear peers at the laptop screen, scrutinizing the face of her husband. Across the world in Kabul, he mouths “I love you” and waves goodbye.Minutes later, the Marine steps on a land mine and loses three limbs. When he gets home, he learns to eat pasta with a prosthetic hand and take the right dosage of medicine. He goes back to school and opens Christmas presents. We never learn his name, but there’s a reason for that — the film, “Birthday” is supposed to encompass the experience of all veterans as they return from war and reintegrate into society.The film is one of 14 that will be shown at the fifth annual San Francisco Veterans Film Festival this weekend in the San Francisco Main Library’s Koret Auditorium. Admission is free, event sponsors say, to encourage more people to come and learn about the increasingly isolated demographic.”