Marin: 3D printer leaves writer, grandkid thunderstruck

From Ross Valley Reporter

“My favorite technological advance has long been the GPS.Eons after I first used one, I’m still astounded each time I do. Including my iPhone version.But suddenly I — a 79-year-old who clearly remembers mimeograph machines — have a new fave, the 3D printer.Leaving me even more thunderstruck.I recently watched an Ultimaker2 at the Marin City Library try to create a tri-dimensional plastic Pegasus after my 9-year-old granddaughter fiddled with this dial and that button.Fiddled, of course, isn’t exactly scientific nomenclature.But it works for me anyway.Since the design she selected was ultra-complicated (and depicted the mythological white stallion partially in flight), the printer couldn’t turn her 2D image into a 3D figurine.She settled for a white owl.But the experience so impressed my also-thunderstruck grandchild, who stays with us in San Anselmo every other weekend, she set up a second appointment — to make a monochromatic, biodegradable thermoplastic polymer bust of her face and shoulders.”