Benicia: Library to provide workshop on smart financial planning for college

From Benicia Herald

” Nearly four weeks into the school year, one topic is on the minds of a lot of high school seniors: college. These 12th graders are likely asking themselves such questions as “Where do I want to go to school?,” “What should my major be?” and “What classes should I take when I’m there?” Another important question they may or may not be pondering: “How should I prepare for financial assistance so I’m not up to my eyeballs in student loan debt by the time I graduate?” Thankfully, Bay College Planning will be presenting a free workshop at the Benicia Public Library to answer this and other questions. Bay College Planning is a San Ramon-based collective of financial aid planning specialists that gives clients guidance on how to best prepare for college and the monetary issues that come with it. The certified company serves all of Marin County, various communities in Northern California stretching from Sacramento to Sunnyvale and even the state of Hawaii.”