Monday Top Ten: The many resources at the Stanislaus County Libraries

From The Modesto Bee

” We all know there are books in the library – um, duh. But take a look at the options offered at the Stanislaus County’s 13 library branches and you’ll quickly realize that the resources there go far beyond the stacks.From online access to help for the homebound to facilitating citizenship to even tapping into your ancestry, Stanislaus libraries offer a bounty of aid and materials for the county’s residents. And that’s not even getting into all the classes and special programs each branch sponsors weekly for people of nearly every age.It’s been a long and sometimes difficult road for the county system, which just a few years ago had to reduce its open hours because of budget cuts, shutting on Fridays in June 2010. Happily, those closures are no more, with the branches throwing open their doors again on Fridays beginning this past July, according to Susan Lilly, communications manager at the Stanislaus County Library branches.”