Encinitas may sell library name

From San Diego Union Tribune

” A proposal by a wealthy philanthropist to rename the Encinitas Library in honor of his wife has become a community battleground. Opponents say the Encinitas Library name was in use long before the new building opened in 2008 and that the city is contemplating selling off its heritage to the highest bidder. Moonlight Beach could be next, they warn.Proponents declare that only an idiot would refuse a simple name-change request given that it comes with a multimillion dollar donation that could greatly benefit the community.The City Council is poised to decide the matter at its 6 p.m. meeting Wednesday.Steve Mizel — an investor who has been an avid donor to programs and construction projects in the United States and Israel — put forward his renaming request early this year. He’s asking that the library become the Patricia Mizel Encinitas Library to honor his wife’s dedication to the Friends of the Encinitas Library organization.”