Modoc County: A Citizenry That Loves Books Celebrates a Library’s Centennial


“The 16-mm projector clattered to life; with a bit of fussing the light came on, and the film started seemingly midway through—there was no introduction—just a small square in color crooked in the center screen of a forest ranger wearing a big Smoky the Bear hat guiding visitors around the Lava Beds near Tule Lake and title cards identifying the scenes. Showing was the travelogue produced in 1938 by the Modoc Chamber of Commerce on the sights (no sounds, though) of Modoc County.Yes, it seemed ironic that a film was showing at the Modoc County Library’s centennial celebration—but as a home movie of sorts, it was that iconic activity for an anniversary party.”

California Outback Report: A Citizenry That Loves Books Celebrates a Library’s Centennial