Pasadena: Libraries at the cutting edge of the borrowing economy

From Los Angeles Daily News

” Every day, or so it seems, I hear someone who has stopped going to the library herself in this online age wonder why libraries even exist anymore. It’s not a new wisecrack. It was several comic ages ago that Jerry Seinfeld on his show picked up a volume in wonder: “A library book? Who reads library books?” Well, I do. Mostly it’s true that as a problem book-buyer, even without the shelf space for another tome anywhere in the house, I purchase what I read. But I check out library audiobooks all the time, and in the car CD player right now is Faulkner’s “Light in August,” first read in Stan Sheinkopf’s AP English class 43 years ago. (Stan’s question to us young dummies on a character’s name: “Joe Christmas. Now who do you think that might by symbolic of?”) CDs are expensive, and libraries are in what scholar Don Levy, in a talk to the staff of the Pasadena Public Library last week, called “the borrowing economy.”