Don’t sneer at prison libraries, Chief Justice Roberts

From Chicago Tribune

” Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., I’m surprised at you. Didn’t your mother raise you better than to insult whole groups of people? For those who are wondering, I’m talking about a remark the chief justice made last month during oral arguments in Bruce v. Samuels, a dispute about federal prisoners paying legal fees. Here I quote from Amy Howe of SCOTUSblog: When reminded that prisons maintain libraries, “Roberts then shot back, presumably sarcastically, ‘I’m sure they are very good libraries too.’” I run a library at a state prison for men in California, and I can attest that it is indeed a “very good library.”

San Francisco: Librarians are excited about e-books that don’t expire

From Good E Reader

” Penguin and Random House will be introducing new e-book terms for libraries that begin on January 1st 2016. Libraries will no longer worry about their titles expiring after a few loans or have to purchase them again every year. Librarians are also full of glee that the overall price of buying digital content will also decrease in price.Shellie Cocking of the San Francisco Public Library are excited about the new changes. ”

Librarians are excited about e-books that don’t expire

Santa Clara’s Library Offers Sustainable Programs to Enrich Community Health

From PublicCEO

“Santa Clara’s library set out several years ago to offer free educational programming built around sustainable living. Through funding from the federal Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA), administered by the state librarian, the library developed Sustainable U, a series of sustainable programs and resources that partner with local educational institutions, farms, fisheries and other libraries to increase the health, wellness and viability of the community.”

Yolo County: Rural libraries get increased broadband service

From The Davis Enterprise

“Visitors to Yolo County Library branches in Esparto, Knights Landing and Yolo now have faster access to the Internet, thanks to increased broadband service.The Yolo County Library obtained funds for these improvements through the State Library’s partnership with the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California. ”

Huntington Beach: App takes use of library to a new level

From L.A. Times

” The Huntington Beach Public Library is aiming to stay current with the changes in technology through a new digital app. Hoopla Digital, which was adopted by the library in November and is utilized by thousands of libraries across the country, allows library users to digitally check out movies, audio books and comic books for free. More than 300,000 titles are available.”

Solano County: Community Foundation helps to fund County Library’s literacy project

From The Reporter

” Money from the Solano Community Foundation will allow the Solano County Library to buy eight literacy workstations designed to help young children gain or improve their reading skills.Samantha Fordyce, the foundation’s chief executive officer, made the announcement in a press release issued Wednesday.The workstations’ purchase was made possible through the Fairfield-based foundation’s Education Plus! Grant Program, she noted in the release.”

Pleasanton city attorney, librarian say farewell

From Pleasanton Weekly

“Pleasanton City Attorney Jonathan Lowell and Librarian Julie Farnsworth are retiring this month, leaving the city in better shape as a result of their service.
Farnsworth is the senior of the two, having served here for nearly 13 years. She was deputy county librarian for the Santa Clara County Library System when she was hired in late January 2003 and has seen the Pleasanton Library grow from 979,433 checkouts a year to 1.4 million today — a 49% increase.”

California State Library System Wants to Use GoPro Cameras to Create Virtual Tours

From State Tech Magazine

” Do you want to view the collections of the California State Library system without ever leaving your home? That’s the vision of David Wanjiru, the system’s recently named CIO, who came on board in November.”

Cupertino: Electric vehicle charging stations added to library parking lot

From San Jose Mercury News

“The city of Cupertino has carved out some space just for electric vehicles at the crowded Cupertino Library parking lot. In a Dec. 9 unveiling ceremony at the city’s civic center, Mayor Barry Chang and city officials showed off two new electric vehicle charging stations along with the four designated parking spots for electric vehicles in the library parking lot.”

San Joaquin County third-graders still lag in reading

From Central Valley Business Journal

” Nearly three-quarters of San Joaquin County third-graders still don’t read at grade level, according to a report by the Beyond Our Gates program at the University of the Pacific. The university released its annual Literacy Report Card Monday. The report revealed that while its Reading by Third initiative has scored some successes in education, it still has a long way to go to meet its overall goal of all third-graders reading at grade level.”

San Joaquin County third-graders still lag in reading

Coronado Public Library Offers High Speed Internet

From Coronado Eagle and Journal

” The Coronado Public Library is now providing one gigabit per second Internet through its free public access computers and wireless service. This new service was made possible by the Coronado Library’s ability to participate in a new opportunity offered to public libraries in California to access high-bandwidth Internet through CENIC, the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California, a non-profit corporation.”

Former shelver becomes St. Helena library director

From Napa Valley Register

“Every entry-level employee dreams of having a career path like Chris Kreiden’s: hired on the spot, elected by her peers to run the place temporarily, and then put in charge permanently by an impressed boss.That the journey took her 26 years doesn’t diminish the gratitude Kreiden feels toward the staff, patrons and library supporters who helped her rise from part-time shelver to director of the St. Helena Public Library.”

Teacher librarian at OC Juvenile Hall receives national I Love My Librarian Award

From Orange County Breeze

“On Thursday, Nov. 3, Sylvia Cieply, teacher librarian at the Otto A. Fischer School Library inside Orange County Juvenile Hall in Orange, California, will receive the I Love My Librarian Award for her outstanding public service to the community and ongoing commitment to transforming lives through education and lifelong learning. Cieply was one of only 10 librarians within the United States recognized this year for this esteemed honor.”

Teacher librarian at OC Juvenile Hall receives national I Love My Librarian Award

Cerritos Public Library Carves out High-Tech Space for Teen Students

From PublicCEO

” Due to a strong demand for library services, the city of Cerritos faced the challenge of how to provide teenage students with access to computers and study areas in the Cerritos Library. The solution was to remodel an area within the library into a Teen Studio where teens can access high-tech equipment and participate in activities that encourage educational, creative and personal development.”

San Diego: Emergency memo warns of library security breaches

From San Diego Reader

” Spending and security at San Diego’s public library, ensconced in luxurious new digs, is out of control, endangering safety and the city treasury.So indicates San Diego city auditor Eduardo Luna in a December 2 emergency letter to library director Misty Jones.”

Santa Clara: Getting to Know Paul Sims

From The Santa Clara Weekly

” Paul Sims gets a kick out of attending Maker Faire, a local festival recognizing creativity and innovation. He also enjoys making ice-cream with exotic flavors, such as black Russian and saffron cinnamon. In September, Sims joined the Santa Clara City Library as the new assistant city librarian, filling a position vacant for over five years.”

Introducing Banning Library’s new director

From Banning Record Gazette

” As a second-grader perusing her library, Ellen Fusco wanted to check out the heartwarming tale of E.B. White’s “Charlotte’s Web,” about how a spider weaves messages in her webs to save the life of an award-winning pig.”

Long Beach Public Library Announces Interim Executive Director

From Long Beach Post

” The Long Beach Public Library Foundation announced its interim executive director, and she’s a known social innovation guru who has counted Dr. Phil and Prince William and Kate Middleton as clients, among others.”

Kern County: Library’s Future Draws Crowd

From The Mountain Enterprise

” It was a love-fest in the public seats at “The One 21st Century Library in Kern County” last Thursday.That is what Kern County Administrator John Nilon called the Frazier Park Library. The nickname mirrors the devotion the public in the Mountain Communities shows for the beautiful—and much-used—facility. Local residents and former Director of Kern County Libraries Diane Duquette struggled for over 20 years to make this library a reality, members of the public reminded Nilon. Now it is a center of community life, and widely appreciated.”

S.F. library high school program gives students a 2nd chance

From San Francisco Chronicle

“This fall, Basbassi, 42, enrolled in the San Francisco Public Library’s online high school program, and he expects to earn his diploma, for a second time, within 18 months.”

California State Library’s new CIO mulls ‘virtual libraries’

From StateScoop

“The California State Library’s new chief information wants citizens across the state to be able to visit his institution — from the comfort of their own computer. David Wanjiru, who started the job on Nov. 2, told StateScoop that one of his long-term plans is to stand up a “virtual library,” where users could watch video tours of the research institution’s archives or explore its museum exhibits.”

Kern County: Library’s Future Draws Crowd

From The Mountain Enterprise

“It was a love-fest in the public seats at “The One 21st Century Library in Kern County” last Thursday.That is what Kern County Administrator John Nilon called the Frazier Park Library. The nickname mirrors the devotion the public in the Mountain Communities shows for the beautiful and much used facility.