Mendocino County: grand jury reports

from the Willits News

“When the process works well, grand jury investigations can help a Board of Supervisors focus special attention on problems within county government. But, when it works like it does in Mendocino County, the Board of Supervisors typically circles the wagons and begins lobbing nasty comments the moment the Grand Jury identifies even the faint hint of problems in the county. Last year, this reached absurd proportions with the Grand Jury’s report on county skimming of library funds. The Board seemed to abdicate its responsibility for the county budget, blaming others and saying the Grand Jury failed to provide sufficient evidence of wrong doing … A year later, the issue remains, and the Board of Supervisors can continue ripping off the libraries or they can provide leadership and set the library funding on a proper course. The library sales tax will eventually expire and if this mess continues, voters may not choose to renew it.”