San Bernardino faces cluttered path to comeback

from the Press Enterprise

“The statistics rattled off by San Bernardino’s bankruptcy experts last week were startling: San Bernardino is the poorest large city in California, and the second poorest in the nation, after Detroit. The Parks and Recreation Department offers no youth recreation programs. The library’s public computers are 6 to 8 years old and there’s no money in the budget to replace them (or to buy books, for that matter) … Cities with high poverty and crime rates, like San Bernardino, need recreation programs to keep kids out of trouble. As for the library, if any city needs a vibrant one, San Bernardino does. Families who can’t afford to buy books to read to their toddlers need to be able to check them out of a library. Reading to children improves how they will do in school, putting them on the path to a productive life. People who don’t own computers need access to library computers to search job postings, fill out applications, write resumes and more.