Where is the money going? – Most of $100 million L.A. spends on homeless goes to police services

from AllGov California

“Los Angeles spends $100 million a year on its 23,000 homeless people—$4,348 per person—but most of the money goes to policing them, not providing assistance. A new report from the City Administrative Officer (CAO) studied the homeless landscape in 2013 to see how Los Angeles addressed the ‘serious challenges’ of providing shelter, mental health and medical care, protection from disease, security for personal property and other ‘critical matters’… The report did not indulge in fingerpointing. Much of what it did was simple fact-finding. They identified 15 city agencies and departments providing homeless services, a much wider range—with much higher costs—than are indicated in the budget. And they found out the homeless like to hang out at the library. A survey discovered that 92% of 73 Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL) branches had 680 to 780 regular homeless patrons. While they all may not be big readers, the fact that they congregate there makes libraries a prime candidate for homeless outreach programs.”