Siskiyou: Library proposal shot down by county

from the Siskiyou Daily News

“In Weed, a library is struggling to recover from a devastating fire. Here in Dunsmuir, we’re regrouping after the State Board of Equalization disqualified a ballot measure, passed with a 62 percent majority vote, that would have provided additional funds for our library…I recently submitted an agenda item to the board of supervisors that would have drawn $72,000 from the county’s half-million-dollar Provisional Fund and distributed it among our branch libraries, at $6,000 per library, to be used for staffing or whatever needs each library deemed a priority. This would have restored only a small portion of the funds cut six years ago. Judging from the reaction of county officials, you would have thought I was tampering with the Ten Commandments. They are rigid in their insistence that the county will not grant funds that might go to pay any staff in branch libraries.”′