For fifth year in a row, Santa Monica Public Library earns a top, five-star rating

from the Santa Monica Mirror

“For the fifth year in a row, the Santa Monica Public Library has earned top marks from Library Journal’s national rating of public libraries – the only Southern California library to earn the prestigious five-star rating.”

How public libraries are advancing and inspiring schools and communities


“It’s well known that public libraries are no longer just about the books — even e-books. Many community libraries are receiving 21st century digital-age makeovers: Numerous digital technologies, maker spaces to invite creation, even video production suites and 3-D printers now inhabit many libraries across the country. But a report just released by the Aspen Institute Dialogue on Public Libraries asks us again to reconsider how the library can serve communities in the 21st century. ‘Rising to the Challenge: Re-Envisioning Public Libraries’ aims to ‘capture the momentum and excitement of the innovations taking place in public libraries across the country, and the impact these are having on communities,’ said the group’s director, Amy Garmer.”

Digital Divide: Latino and education groups praise FCC’s proposed funding boost to modernize E-Rate, increase internet access

from the Latin Post

“The lack of affordable or accessible Internet directly affects many low-income Latinos. While Latinos have been statistically shown to own smartphones at a disproportionally high rate compared to the average American, studies published as recently as 2013 looking at home broadband access via computers show that only 53 percent of Hispanic families have that kind of Internet access — nearly 20 percent behind the national average.”

Glendale: Vintage furniture sale helps library’s renovation efforts

from the Glendale News-Press

“Hundreds trickled into the Glendale Central Library throughout Saturday not to just read, but to spruce up their homes with furniture and fixtures on sale. The library put mid-century and vintage-styled couches, chairs, tables and a handful of wooden library card catalog cabinets on the market for browsing shoppers. Sold items will go toward purchasing new furniture as the library prepares for renovations next June.”,0,362763.story

A Carnegie library stands tall in the Sunset

from SFGate (San Francisco Chronicle)

“No building type proclaims the goal of social equality like a public library, open to all citizens for purposes ranging from edification to guilty fun. And the aura of civic aspiration is particularly strong in the early 20th century libraries funded nationwide by steel tycoon Andrew Carnegie. San Francisco has eight libraries built in part by a 1901 gift from Carnegie of $750,000. The Sunset branch was the fifth, a vision of Classical order that remains potent, even if some of the ‘great writers’ inscribed on the outer walls now draw a blank.”

Saratoga: Cache Bouren bringing cocktail hour to Saratoga Library

from the San Jose Mercury News

“It’s one of the most famous catchphrases in American pop culture, but what does it really mean when James Bond requests a martini ‘shaken and not stirred?’ As Cache Bouren, San Jose’s Singlebarrel cocktail lounge founder and bartender, explains, the difference between the two preparation methods is one that results in a fully mixed cocktail with a cloudy appearance versus a cocktail that’s fully blended and diluted.”

Hours shift at Villasenior library in San Bernardino

from the San Bernardino Sun

“Hours at Villasenor Branch Library will shift to “winter hours” beginning Dec. 1. The library’s board of directors, which is independent from the City Council on most matters, made the decision Thursday, said Library Director Ed Erjavek. ‘The library board wants the public to be able to make maximum usage of available library service hours,’ Erjavek said in a news release. Villasenor will be open from 1 to 6 p.m. on Mondays and Tuesdays, he said. It had previously been open from 3 to 8 p.m., and will return to those hours on March 9 after daylight saving time returns.”