Los Angeles: He’s 48, just graduated from high school and owes it all to the library

From Los Angeles Times

” Ron Hagardt didn’t finish high school when he was supposed to, in 1985. Drinking led to pot, which led to cocaine, which led to dropping out of Sonora High School in La Habra during his senior year. Now he’s 48, four years sober — and a high school graduate. On Tuesday, Hagardt wore a blue cap and gown and moved the golden tassel across his mortarboard during a ceremony at the Los Angeles Public Library in downtown.”


San Francisco: What happens when libraries are asked to help the homeless find shelter

From The Washington Post

“In 2008, the San Francisco Public Library considered a very unusual question. How, they asked the city’s homeless, can our library better serve you? Officials weren’t looking for book club ideas. Over the past decade, the shrinking social safety net has turned many libraries into major care providers for the underprivileged. The homeless, in particular, rely on libraries for daytime shelter. It’s a big job, one that libraries — perpetually cash-strapped and understaffed — aren’t sure they’re equipped to handle.”


Western states’ open data project wins grant

From State Scoop

” The California State Library, along with Washington’s state technology agency and the Nevada State Library will receive a $470,000 award from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation for their efforts to teach librarians and other community members how to use open data.”


Santa Monica: Fees removed for library cards

From Santa Monica Daily Press

” Library cards will be free for all who want them, residents and visitors alike, thanks to a decision by the City Council at their Jan. 26 meeting. As part of their budget discussion last week, the City Council eliminated a $25 fee that had been imposed on non-residents applying for a Santa Monica Library card. The fee will disappear as of Feb. 1.”


USPTO Designates San José Library a Patent and Trademark Resource Center


” The U.S. Department of Commerce’s United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Tuesday announced the opening of a new Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC) at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library of the San José Public Library system located in San José, California. PTRCs, located across the United States, assist the public in learning more about patents and trademarks with reference assistance and training programs. They serve as the local face of the USPTO and promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.”


New Manhattan Beach librarian looks to more than books

From The Beach Reporter

” New Manhattan Beach County Librarian Melissa McCollum is setting out to make the crown jewel of the city about more than books. The 17-year Manhattan Beach resident and mom to a Star Wars and Harry Potter obsessed second grader, McCollum is already working on expanding the library’s reach to include speakers and community action initiatives.”


Palo Alto City Library Launches New Service Platform

From Patch

” On Feb. 17, the Palo Alto City Library will launch a new online library service platform designed to improve service for customers and support the work of library staff. Innovative Interfaces’ Sierra Library Services Platform will be the new platform.”